Year 9 –  PSHE (Tutorial)

Half term Key content
1 Organisation skills
Getting to know you
Morality – bullying and extremism
Health and Well-being – Diet
Health and Well-being – Exercise
2 Health & well-being – stress
Health & well-being – fertility
Self sufficiency skills
Becoming independent
Jobs and Income – Income
3 Jobs and income – jobs
Finance – personal finance and finance after christmas
Finance  – borrowing
Finance – attitudes to money
Finance – Budgets
Finance – definitions and key terms/financial language /jargon
4 Sex Education –Relationships
Sex Education – STI’s
5 Sex Education – Myth Busting
Sex Education – Teenage Pregnancy
Smoking – the facts
Alcohol – the facts
6 Drugs – the facts
Preparation for GCSE’s


Year 9 –  PSHE Lessons (Fortnightly)

Half term Key content
1 Learning Apps – Resilience and Reflection – Learning Skills Audit to Tutors to inform on Parents Information evening
Learning Apps – Interaction and Curiosity
Learning Apps – Respect
Health  & Well-being – Managing Risk
2 Health & Well-being (includes FGM)
Health & Well-being (Caring)
Careers Research – exploring careers and research plan –Feedback given and info to Tutors
3 Careers Research – career stories/changing careers
The Options process
The World of Work
Enterprise Planning
4 Enterprise – Teamwork
Enterprise – Self Starters/Entrepreneurs
Living in the wider world – Religion and young people
UK Parliament



Year 10 PSHE – Tutorial Sessions

Half term Key content
1 The School Community
Community – Rich & Poor in Society, bullying
Morality & Radicalisation
Alcohol and Drugs
Alternative Drugs and the law
2 Consequences of Alcohol
Common Teenage Drugs – Smoking
Teenage statistics – Drugs and alcohol
Organisation Skills
Enterprise Skills
3 Personal SWOT analysis
Finance – Lending / borrowing
Finance – Savings and Investment
Finance – Budgets
Finance – Working with a budget
Finance – Debt
Finance – Boosting income
4 Human Rights – intro to project
Human Rights – Multi-culturalism
Human Rights – Racism and Radicalisation
Human Rights – Stereotypes
Human Rights – Ignorance
Human Rights – The Elderly
5 Human Rights – Amnesty International
Sex Education – Relationships
Sex Education – Peer Pressure
Sex Education – Body Image – including Genital Mutilation
Sex Education – Understanding your Body
6 Sex Education – Promiscuity
Sex Education – Grooming
Sex Education – STI’s
Skincare & Skin cancer
Personal Hygiene
Personal Appearance


Year 11 PSHE (Tutorial)

Half term Key content
The School Community
Community and the elderly / Locals and interviewing a local person of interest
Teenage disasters with Alcohol and drugs
Acting quick and being safe
Sources of advice on alcohol, drugs, well-being and keeping safe
Teenage Role Models
Being in control of your life
Dealing with Peer Pressure – bullying
My future – planning
Healthy bodies – diet
Healthy minds
Understanding how your mind works
Revision Skills and planning a revision timetable
Finance – loans and finance
Finance – Renting or buying property
Sex Education including FGM
Communication Skills
5 Exam preparation