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January 2021

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  • Christmas Break
  • Christmas Break
  • Christmas Break
  • Teacher Training Day
  • Week 2
  • Y11 MFL Mock Exams
  • Y11 Tracking Opens
  • Department Meetings - Y11 PEGs standardisation
  • Y11 MFL Mock Exams
  • Y11 MFL Mock Exams
  • Y11 MFL Mock Exams
  • Y11 Tracking closes
  • Week 1
  • Vocational Exam Weeks
  • Governors Strategic Group
  • Vocational Exam Weeks
  • Vocational Exam Weeks
  • Vocational Exam Weeks
  • Y11 Mock Exam Results
  • Vocational Meeting
  • Post 16 Open Evening
  • Vocational Exam Weeks
  • Appraisal Obs 1 Deadline
  • Vocational Exam Weeks
  • Vocational Exam Weeks
  • Vocational Exam Weeks
  • Mock Analysis Meetings
  • Week 2
  • Y11 1:1's
  • EPQ Tutorial
  • Vocational Exam Weeks
  • Y11 1:1's
  • Team Leaders Meeting
  • Vocational Exam Weeks
  • Y11 1:1's
  • Vocational Exam Weeks
  • Y11 1:1's
  • Y11 P Band Parents Evening
  • Vocational Exam Weeks
  • Y11 1:1's
  • IAG Day
  • Line Management Meetings completed
  • Y11 1:1's
  • Y11 1:1's
  • Y11 1:1's
  • Week 1
  • Y11 1:1's
  • Y11 Q Band Parents' Evening
  • Y11 1:1's
  • Holocaust Memorial Day
  • Y11 1:1's
  • Y13 Mock Exams
  • Y12 Internal Exams
  • Y11 1:1's
  • Y13 Mock Exams
  • Y12 Internal Exams
  • Y13 Mock Exams
  • Y12 Internal Exams
  • Y13 Mock Exams
  • Y12 Internal Exams

Sixth Form Open Evening

Thursday 14 January 2021.  Due to current restrictions this event will be held virtually. Further information will appear here soon.


Year 8 –  Information for Parents

Year 8 Open Evening Letter October 2020

School Tour Video         (Royalty Free Music from www.bensound.com)

Headteacher Presentation Video

Lower School Prospectus

School Admissions Portal


Update on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

For  information or support during the corona virus crisis the following sites should be your first port of call unless it is a school specific issue:

Northumberland County Council
Prudhoe Town Council

School specific information

Parental update 14.01.2021

Year 11 update 12.01.2021

Parent Guide – Year 11 Parents’ Evening – Q Band – Tuesday 26th January

Covid checker – A guide for Parents v0.4

Exams update for Year 11 & Year 13 Parents. 06.01.2021

Parental update 05.01.2021

Year 9, 10 & Y11 arrangements for the start of term 4.01.2021

Year 12 & Year 13 Start of term arrangements 04.01.2021

Updated arrangements for phased return letter 31.12.2020

Consent Form

Letter for parents – Covid testing in school

January arrangements – phased return and testing. Dec 2020

Remote Learning Strategy

Parental update 25.09.2020

NHS Test and Trace Letter 23rd September – PHE

NHS Parents-Carers-over16s-factsheet

Parental update – All year groups Sept 2020

PCHS COVID-19 Related Pupil Absence – Quick Reference Guide for Parents

Letter to Parents/Carers from the CEO (2/09/2020)

New lunch arrangements from September 2020

Letter to parents re Home to School Transport

Update on face coverings Sept 2020

TCLT – Letter to parents 16.07.20

Year 13 end of term letter 17.07.2020

Year 12 end of term letter 17.07.2020

Year 11 end of term letter 17.07.2020

Year 10 end of term letter  17.07.2020

Year 9 end of term letter 17.07.2020

Year 8 into Year 9 Sept 2020 end of term letter 17.07.2020

Year 8 Parent/ Carer Information Video

GCSE Results arrangements

Option Pools

Summer 2020 Exams poster Year 13 Results Day arrangements

Year 10 & Year 12 Record of Remote Learning

Year 11 Centre Assessed Grades June 2020

Year 13 Centre Assessed Grades June 2020

School reopening timetable – from June 23rd

Year 12 Updated Schedule from 22 June letter 18.06.2020

Updated Year 12 Schedule from 22 June 2020 onwards

Parents guide to Google Classroom (1)

TCLT Letter to Parents 12.06.20

Year 10 & Year 12 update (AMO) 01.06.2020

Parental update (AMO) 22.05.2020

Parental update (AMO) 19.05.2020

Year 11 update (ADG) 13.05.2020

CEO Letter to parents May 7th2020

Form tutor contact – All year groups

CEO letter to Parents 24 April 2020

Year 12 Parental update 23.04.2020

Year 11 and Year 13 Parental update 21.04.2020

Attachment to Year 11 , Year 12 and Year 13 Parental update 21.04.2020 

Oak National Academy Information for parents and pupils

DfE – Help children with SEND continue their education during coronovirus

DfE – What parents and carers need to know about schools and education during the coronovirus outbreak

Home Education Resources

Exam Grade update April 2020

Year 13 Parental update 03.04.2020

Year 12 Parental update 3.04.2020

Year 11 Parental update 02.04.2020

Year 10 Parental update 02.04.2020

Year 9 Parental update 2.04.2020

Parental  Coronovirus update letter 27.03.20 (CEO)

Coronovirus Key workers (CEO) 20.3.20

Year 11 & Year 13 parent letter 19.03.2020

Coronovirus update letter  (CEO) 18.03.2020

Parental Coronovirus update letter 16.03.2020

Parental Coronovirus update letter 13.03.2020

Parental Coronovirus update letter 11/03/2020

Message from the Headteacher

Prudhoe Community High School opened in 1958 with 350 students. In September 2016, the new school building opened and the school is now a thriving, attractive and well resourced school serving the community of Prudhoe and beyond. 

OFSTED arrived soon after the new school opened in 2016 and the school was judged as good. Since then, the school has continued to improve in all aspects including the achievement of students. 

I am very privileged to lead an exceptional team of very dedicated staff who support students every day so that they can achieve their very best. This is a particular strength of Prudhoe Community High School and we pride ourselves on the excellent relationships within our school community. 

Excellence is at the heart of everything that we do here at Prudhoe Community High School. Students describe the school as a happy community which is evident in the relationships between staff, students and parents / carers.

Working in partnership with parents is crucial, if we are to ensure all of our children feel safe, happy, valued and achieve their full potential. 

Prudhoe Community High School is a great school and I encourage you to visit the school, see our outstanding facilities and learn more about the distinctive nature of our school and the excellent educational experiences we offer our young people. We welcome visits to the school throughout the term and the school day. 

Annmarie Moore

Our school aims:

We want our young people to:

  • Strive for excellence wherever and however they can
  • Develop their values and learn to live by them
  • Participate actively

We shall:

  • Strive for excellence
  • Create a hard working and caring, safe and stimulating community
  • Work in partnership with our parents and carers and local, national and international organisations to enrich our outcomes



If you require a paper copy of any information contained on this website please contact the main school office.