Creative & Performance

Creative & Performance

Year 12 (CREATIVE) DIGITAL MEDIA 2018/2019

Course title: OCR Level 3 Cambridge Technical Extended Certificate in Digital Media Exam board: OCR Specification code: 05844

QAN Code: 601/7259/9

How will students be assessed?

Over this two year course students will study a total of six units.

In Year 12 Students complete the two externally examined units sitting their first exam for Unit 1 in January, the second exam for Unit 2 in May. Students begin their coursework units in the final half term of year 12.

The remaining units are all internally assessed and externally moderated

Unit Overview Year 12 and 13

Unit no.        Unit Title                                                  Assessment Method       Assessment Deadline

1                      Media Products and Audiences          Exam                                      January 2019

2                      Pre-Production and Planning              Exam                                      May 2019

21                    Pitching a Media Product                    Internal                                    October 2019

3                      Create a Media Product                        Internal                                    December 2019

20                    Advertising                                                Internal                                    March 2020

24                    Plan a cross-media campaign            Internal                                    May 2020


Half Term Year 12 – Key Content and Dates
1 Unit 1 – Media Products and Audiences

●     Understand the ownership models of media institutions

●     Understand how media products are advertised and distributed

●     Understand how meaning is created in media products

First grade update – Thursday 18/10

2 ●     Understand the target audiences of media products

●     Be able to evaluate research data used by media institutions

●     Be able to evaluate legal, ethical and regulatory issues associated with media products

Mock Exam – week beginning Monday December 3rd

3 Unit 1 Exam – Thursday January 10th PM

Unit 2 – Pre-Production and Planning

●     Understand the factors that need to be considered during the planning of a media product

Grade Update – Thursday 17/1

4 Unit 1 Exam Results – March 13th (tbc)

●     Be able to interpret client requirements and target audience considerations

●     Be able to plan the preproduction of a media product

Grade Update – Thursday 21/3

5 ●     Be able to create and evaluate pre-production documents for a new media product

Unit 2 Exam – Friday May 24th AM

6 Unit 21 – Plan and deliver a pitch for a media product

●     Be able to generate ideas for an original media product based on a client brief

●     Be able to create a proposal and pitch for an original media product based on a given brief

●     Be able to pitch ideas on a proposed media product and respond to questions

Tuesday 16/7 – Year 12 Reports issued