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PCHS Calendar

   November  2014

Welcome to Prudhoe Community High School

We are a very hard working and caring school. Our students and parents tell us that they value the way we care for the students here and have high praise for the learning that goes on here. Our exam results speak for themselves and our students move on from this school to universities and employment across the country.

We are proud to offer a wide range of courses to our students; we were a Technology College and therefore have specialist facilities on site. We also have an Arts Centre and Sports complex that is run in partnership with North Country Leisure. Our FUSE Media Centre has its purpose built Radio & TV Studios and Cinema. We are strongly committed to working with all students to help them grow and develop into successful, intelligent, ambitious, caring adults and need to work in partnerships with parents, employers and universities to meet this aim. Students who come here should expect to be challenged by the work and they rise to these challenges.

Our main aim is to create a caring and secure environment in which young people, irrespective of sex, class, race, creed or disability can:

  • maximise their individual potential through a broad set of personal learning experiences
  • develop their own self respect through personal achievement
  • acquire knowledge, understanding and skills necessary for a successful transition to adult and working life
  • participate in the community and develop a sense of environmental responsibility
  • develop their own values but empathise with and respect the views of others
  • be creative, imaginative, enquiring, adventurous and ready to challenge established facts, views and motives

We have a broad range of enrichment activities which we encourage students to get involved in . You will read about these on the other pages on  this website and our other publications. We are proud of what goes on in our school and thank you for taking an interest in it. If you would like more information about the school which is not provided here please do contact us.

Deborah Reeman