Further Mathematics

Further Mathematics

Curriculum Information

Year 12 Further Maths AS Level 2018 2019

Course title: Further Maths Exam board: AQA Specification code: 7366
How will students be assessed?
AS level Further Mathematics is a linear course which is assessed with two examinations. Each exam is marked out of 80 and lasts for 1.5 hours. The papers are all calculator papers and are equally weighted, each being worth 50% of the final mark. Each paper has a mix of question styles varying from short single mark questions to longer unstructured questions. Paper one examines Pure Mathematical methods only, whilst paper two examines topics from Statistics with either Mechanics or Discrete, depending on the needs of the cohort.

The AS level syllabus extends and deepens Mathematical understanding and requires students to demonstrate their skills and knowledge through the application of problem solving techniques and with the use of clear, precise and appropriate mathematical language.


Half term Key content
1 (8 weeks) Proof
Complex numbers 
2 (7 weeks) Matrices
Further algebra and functions
Further calculus
3 (6 weeks) Discrete random variables
Poisson distribution
4 (6 weeks) Type 1 and type 11 errors
Continuous random variables
5 (5 weeks) Chi testing
Confidence intervals