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School Uniform

School Uniform

Boys' uniform


The majority of our school uniform such as skirts, trousers and shirts can be purchased from a variety of high street retailers enabling parents to obtain value for money. Specialist items such as blazers, school ties and school jumpers etc. can be purchased from either:



Unit 3D
Princess Court
Low Prudhoe Industrial Estate
NE42 6PL
Tel: 01661 835 240
email: [email protected]
Items can be ordered from SALTO online by clicking here. 


Penn Broidery

email: [email protected]
Tel: 0191 274 8980

Please note:
There will be a new grey checked pleated school skirt from September 2019. Any students not wishing to wear the new skirt can choose to wear black school trousers as an alternative.

From September 2019 onwards  the old style black skirts may no longer be worn.

                                               BOYS                                               GIRLS 

Grey school blazer with embroidered logo#
School Tie#

Plain black or dark grey school trousers
Plain white school shirt
Plain black shoes

Optional items
Grey school jumper**

Grey school blazer with embroidered logo#
School Tie#Plain black or dark grey school skirt* or trousers*, black tights if wearing a skirt.
Plain white school shirt
Plain black shoesOptional items
Grey school jumper**
                                           PE KIT                                      PE KIT
Navy/sky rugby shirt
Navy/sky shorts
Navy/sky knee length football socks
Navy/sky polo shirt
Navy/sky hooded top
Navy/sky shorts or Navy/sky skort
Navy/sky socks
Compulsory (for boys and girls)
 Indoor training shoes with laces suitable for the new sports hall
Boots (no metal studs or blades) or Astro trainers suitable for 4G football, hockey and rugby
Shin pads for hockey and football
Gum shield for hockey/rugby
Plain navy or black track pants
Navy/sky hooded top
Navy/sky polo shirt
Plain navy/black track pants
Plain navy/black running leggings
Jewellery is not allowed.  Any piercing where a retainer is required is not permitted.
Hair styles must be sensible and suitable for school and learning


* Shoes should be one colour, leather or leather-look, without labels or writing which is often  found on trainers, boots e.g. Uggs, are not allowed.
* Skirts should be of a reasonable length, no tube or lycra skirts please and must be visible below the blazer at all times.
* Trousers should be of a worsted material and cover the ankles, no jean or jegging type  trousers.
# Blazers and school ties can be bought via the suppliers listed above. Trousers, skirts and shirts can be sourced from anywhere.

Sixth Form Dress Code
Although there is no uniform in the Sixth Form, students are expected to be appropriately dressed for lessons.  Facial piercing, tracksuit bottoms, camouflage trousers and sports tops are not permitted.  Further guidance can be found in the Sixth Form Prospectus.  The Sixth Form are expected to be smart and follow similar patterns to staff dress, i.e. dress standards acceptable in business and work environments. Lanyards are required every day and must be worn visibly.

All valuables should be kept in a secure place.  The school cannot accept responsibility for any lost or stolen property or goods.  Property or goods left will be at the owners’ risk.

All items should be clearly marked inside with the students’ name so they can be returned to the rightful owner in the event of loss. Any lost property not claimed or not clearly marked will be discarded or donated to the local charity shop at the end of each term.