Exam Timetables

Year 11 Mock Examinations

Year 11 Mocks Dec 2019 – Student version

January 2020 – Vocational Subjects

Jan 2020 exam timetable – Webpage Version

Summer 2020

Please see awarding body timetables for subject information – a full centre specific timetable will be available when our entries are finalised in February 2020.

**JCQ Contingency Day – 24 June 2020** 

This  day has been designated as the contingency day should an examination not be able to take place in case of an national emergency etc.  Candidates should ensure that they make themselves available on this date to sit any exam if required.  Candidates who are not available would be unable to seek special consideration for an exam moved to 24 June.

AQA GCE Timetable


AQA GCSE Timetable


Edexcel GCE Timetable

Edexcel GCE-Final-2006

Edexcel GCSE Timetable

Edexcel GCSE-Final-2006

OCR GCE Timetable


OCR GCSE Timetable

546284-june-2020-final-exam-timetable-gcse-cambridge-nationals-entry-level-certificate-and-project-levels-1-2 (1)

OCR Cambridge Technicals Timetable




Exam Resit Forms & Fees

Re-sit Form

19.20 Exams Fees

Jan 2020 – School deadline is Thursday 17 October for forms to be submitted and payment made.

June 2020 – School deadline is Friday 7 February for units that have not been examined in January.

Exam Results & Post Results 

Students must collect their results in person or complete an ‘AIR’ form giving their permission for their results to be emailed to them or collected by a nominated third party with photo ID.  Results will not be issued over the phone under any circumstances.

Alternative Issue of Exam Results Form

Summer exam Post Results services closes on 20 September – all forms must be with the Exams Office by 19 September. For November and January deadlines please contact the Exams office.


2019 Post-results services deadlines, fees and charges template

Examination Certificates

Certificates from the Summer 2019 examinations will be available for collection from the main school office from December 2019.

If you are unable to collect these in person, you can authorise a 3rd party to collect them on your behalf. Please complete a 3rd party collection form using the link below.






Please note we are only required to retain certificates for 12 months after which time they may be destroyed to comply with JCQ regulations.  Once collected you should keep your certificates safe as you are likely to need them to prove your qualifications for further education or employment. The Examination Boards will charge a significant fee of approximately £45 each should you need a replacement certificate.

3rd party certificates collection form PCHS Exam Certificate Collection Card


Lost or Replacement Certificates

If you were a student at PCHS and have lost your certificates unfortunately we are unable to replace them.  For replacement documents please contact the awarding bodies via the following links:




If you completed examinations with an old awarding body that no longer exists i.e NEA or LEAG  please use this link here to find out who to contact for replacement documents.

Statutory Exam Notices

Please click the relevant links below to view JCQ information relating to examination statutory notices for  2012/20.

Information for candidates – onscreen tests (2)

Information for candidates – Privacy Notice – December 2018

Information for candidates – written exams (2)

Information for candidates _ NEA 1920

Information for cands_cswk.1920

JCQ Social Media Final 2018-9

No Mobile Phones Poster 2017

Warning to Candidates 1718


Examinations Handbook

Please click the link below to see our Parent and Candidate Exam Guide which answers the most frequently asked questions regarding the examinations process.

Parent & Candidate Exam Guide


If you have any queries or concerns relating to examinations please contact  Ms R Boyles, Examinations & Cover Manager