Art /Textiles

After school Art Club 3pm – 4pm Monday-Thursday. All welcome

Lunchtime Art Club – Room 040 (for Art and Textiles students)
Year 9 and Year 10 – Tuesday
Year 11 – Wednesday
Sixth form – Any lunchtime in Room 039

Film Club

We will watch a range of films and animation over the year as well as learning how to make our own. For further information please see Mr T Smith.


H Club

The new Health and Social Care club open to year 9 students!

Ever wanted to learn how to look after people and care for them from birth to old age?  H club will give you the chance to be creative, meet new people, explore your curiosity and develop your interaction skills in a fun an chilled way.

Starting Thursday 27 September in Room 149 Miss Buchanan’s room
Limited spaces first come first served.


PE Department Sports Clubs 

For Sports clubs available Summer term 2019 please click here


School Show 2018-2019

Auditions for the School Show will be during lunchtimes week commencing 17 September. All year groups welcome.
Once the show is cast, there will be rehearsals every lunchtime until July!
For further information please see Mr Boyd Room 046