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Year 12 Work Experience

Year 12 Work Experience

The Department for Education recommends that all students undertake high quality and relevant work experience as part of their Post 16 studies.  The advantages of work experience to students are many and varied – from increased confidence, to a better understanding of job opportunities available to them. In addition to this, the experience they gain can help with future job or apprenticeship applications and UCAS applications to Higher Education.

With this in mind, we have allocated the 13th – 17th July 2020 for our current Year 12 students to undertake their own relevant work experience. Placements must only be within the North East region in order for the external company we are using, Futureworks, to be able to conduct the relevant Health and Safety checks on the workplace.  A copy of the Futureworks document needs to be completed and brought back into school along with the payment by Friday 3rd April 2020. I must stress that Futureworks are working to an extremely tight deadline and if students fail to hand in their forms by this date we cannot guarantee that risk assessments will be completed before the Work Experience is due to take place in July. This could result in a student’s placement being cancelled. If this is the case, students will be expected to come into school as normal on Monday 13th – Thursday 17th July to work on their UCAS/Job applications.

Any queries regarding work experience should be directed to Mr Nesbitt.

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