PCHS says farewell to ‘The Old School’

PCHS says farewell to ‘The Old School’

Around 300 people packed into the main hall and corridors of Prudhoe Community High School to mark the end of schooling in the 58 year-old building.

Past pupils, several head teachers, and many colleagues past and present, toured their old classrooms, and renewed friendships as they spotted familiar faces in a huge display of photos and memorabilia.  Many enjoyed a look at the horrors of the old punishment book, and found out about the careers and destinations across the world of their classmates.

The huge turnout confirmed what a special place the school has in the hearts of the local community.

Dan Gowans said “ I had the best times of my life here, and made friends for life too.”

Jessica Ng (2008-2013) a 4th year medic, commented “ There are such a lot of memories in this old building”.

Maureen Newman, once Head Girl, recalled “ A mass belting in 1959 or 1960, for being too noisy!” Times have clearly changed!

Beverley Barnes (1989-1993) commented on “Fantastic memories of a fantastic school!”

Kathleen Tulip (1960-1964) recalled “The great discipline, great teachers, and I loved the school dinners!”

So with the sounds and smells of the old school sparking off fond memories, longest serving current teacher Gary Marshall led a toast, followed by the nostalgic ringing of the school bell to close proceedings.

As Deborah Tailford (1983-1987) said, “It’s the end of an era”.

This is the end of an era,….and the start of a very exciting new one as next year’s students look forward to moving into brand new custom built facilities at the New Prudhoe Community High School in September.