Applied Science

Applied Science

Year 13 Applied Science 2016/2017

Course title: A-Level Applied science Exam board: AQA Specification code:
How will students be assessed?
Students will sit one external exams at the end of Year 13 on Unit 14 called the healthy body. This will make up 33% of their final year 13 mark

The other 66% comes from coursework, Unit 7 Investigating science and Unit 9 Sports science. Deadlines will be set during the year and must be met by students to enable them to achieve the highest mark.

Teacher 1 and 2 (MLG/DP)                                                                                        Teacher 3 (DBL)
1   (7 weeks)                      Section A fitness plan coursework Unit 7 coursework
17th October data collection (CWA,PEG and ATL)
2   (7 weeks) Section B and C fitness workers and first aid coursework Unit 7 coursework
17th November Year 13 Reports Released
Year 13 Parents’ Evening: Wednesday 7th December
3  (7 weeks) 9th January data collection (CWA, PEG and ATL)
The healthy body unit 14 Unit 7 coursework
Mock Exams 1: Tuesday 31st Jan-Friday 3rd Feb
4  (6 weeks) The healthy body unit 14 Unit 7 coursework
Year 13 Data Drop: 27th February (Mock Exam Results)
Mock Exams 2: Monday 15th May-Friday 19th May