Year 9 Comms  2017/2018

Half term Key content
1 (7 weeks)  October data collection (CWA,PEG and ATL)

Baseline assignments: General knowledge and write a letter about yourself

Paragraph structure and punctuation within a paragraph

Use of connectives

Widening vocabulary

Letter layout: Formal and informal

2 (7 weeks) Our Day Out

Focus on PEE paragraphs, diary entries and creative writing

3 (7 weeks)

4 (6 weeks)

 January data collection (CWA, PEG and ATL)

Current Affairs Reading to incorporate comprehension skills

Using –newspapers

            -reading comprehensions

            -a play

And reading test preparation

 February Parents’ Evening

 April data collection (CWA, PEG and ATL)
5 (5 weeks)

6 (7 weeks)

Reinforce reading skills by reading Robert Swindells Room 13

Include individual reading, plot and character analysis. Leading to an essay demonstrating creative writing skills.

Week in June: Year 9 exam week

26 June Data collection (CWA, PEG and ATL)