Year 9 Design and Technology 16 week module: Materials 

In Y9 Design and Technology students are taught together in mixed ability groups. The year 9 course develops a range of skills across all key areas of the DT curriculum and will prepare the students for options in any of the current or soon to be published Design & Technology courses

Technical Award in Engineering

Technical Award in Food & Catering

Technical Award in Materials Technology

Technical Award in Visual Communication

Technical Award in Fashion & Textiles


Half term Key content
1 (7 weeks) 16 October data collection (CWA,PEG and ATL)
2 (8 weeks) 31 October Tutor Evening
3 (5 weeks) 15 January data collection (CWA, PEG and ATL)

29 January Option Evening

1 February Parents’ Evening

8  February Parents’ Evening

4 (6 weeks) 19 March data collection (CWA, PEG and ATL)
5 (6 weeks)  
6 (7 weeks) Week commencing 18 June: Year 9 exam week

12  July Data collection (CWA, PEG and ATL)



Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Lesson 4

Lesson 5

Lesson 6

Lesson 7

Lesson 8 (& possibly 9)


Students have one lesson per fortnight over a 16 week period

Two ‘book ends’ produced in Acrylic & Pine

Marking out and cutting processes. Hwk 1-Design task

Cutting processes continues. Transfer of design to frame insert.

Frame insert cutting started. Clamping & gluing begun.

Clamping & gluing continues. Hwk 2-Design task

Acrylic marked out and polishing begun.

Polishing continues. Transfer of design to acrylic and cutting begins

Bending demonstrated, carried out and gluing assembly started. Hwk 3-Evaluation

Gluing and finishing off tasks completed.


 Year 10 Technical Materials Technology to be confirmed