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Computer Science & Computing ICT

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Year 9 Computer Science – ICT

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Half term Key content
1 (8 weeks) Working safely and securely

 Middle school transition test (binary/denary/hexadecimal conversions and binary addition)

 Python Programming Introduction:

  •         Variables
  •         Printing
  •         Inputs
  •         Arithmetic operators
  •         Data structures
  •        Looping
  •        Selection
2 (7 weeks) Students will start a project on designing a multipage website.

 Topic 1: Understanding properties and features of multipage websites

Before creating the multipage website, students will need to investigate the properties and features of existing multipage websites. They will also investigate the devices and methods used to view webpages.

3 (6 weeks) Topic 2: Planning the multipage website

Students will need to organise their time and resources so that they can plan the creation of their multipage website. They will need to decide on a suitable house style and take into consideration any external restrictions on what they can use or produce.

4 (6 weeks) Topic 3: Creating your multipage website

Students will need to produce a multipage website using a range of assets, tools and techniques to ensure that it is suitable for the client and the target audience.

5 (5 weeks)
6 (7 weeks) Topic 4: Checking and reviewing your multipage website

After the multipage website has been produced, the students will need to consider whether they have met all the requirements of the initial brief. They will also need to review the overall quality of the multipage website and identify any improvements that could be made.